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Our vision is to create a collaborative learning and teaching environment where neurodiversity is celebrated and all children are empowered to achieve success and experience joyful and meaningful learning by bringing research-based practices into education.


  • All members of our community are valued and respected.

  • We facilitate children’s cognitive, social and emotional development in a safe and supportive environment.

  • We bridge the gap between the science of learning and teaching practices.

“The dreams of our young ones born into this world
Need respect and love to come alive.
Honouring the children is what we're here to do
Now is the hour and we've got the power to
Turn turn turn, turn this world around.”

Raffi Cavoukian
Our Belief
SparkEd is founded on the fundamental truth that as human beings we are naturally diverse learners.

We value and celebrate these differences as part of human evolution while respecting and recognizing some of the challenges that they may present. We are committed to building an innovative teaching and learning community using research-based teaching practices and each child’s strengths.

Our aim is to help children develop skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, compassion, sense of community, courage, and curiosity, in order to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

About the Founder
Samara Gupta is a passionate and committed educator who has extensive global experience in the field of learning and teaching. With a Masters in Special Education from Lesley University, U.S.A and over a decade of teaching experience, she has a deep understanding of and respect for children and their natural diversity of minds. After working at Learning Matters for twelve years as a special educator, reading specialist, learning coordinator, and teacher trainer she decided to start her own organisation, SparkEd in 2020.

Samara feels a tremendous responsibility to bridge the gap between the neuroscience of learning and classroom practices, discover each child’s uniqueness and ensure their joy in learning and childhood. She is dedicated to creating learning environments that honour and respect the whole child – mind, body, heart, and soul – in order to help them thrive.

Fascinated by the powerful ‘mind, brain and education research’, Samara regularly invests in her continuing professional development and has attended several courses internationally including those at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Bank Street College of Education and Reggio Emilia Malaguzzi Centre. She shares her knowledge and vast experience through workshops for teachers and parents in India. Samara had the opportunity to present a talk and hold a workshop at the ‘International Conference on Quality Education’ in Nepal. She was also invited to speak at the Free to Play Summit, an international global summit that was attended by a community of 90,000 early childhood educators and parents.