Bridge the gap between the science of learning and teaching practices


Facilitate children’s cognitive, social and emotional development
in a safe and supportive environment


All members of our community are valued and respected

WE ARE An Innovative Learning & Teaching Community

Our vision is to create a collaborative learning and teaching environment where neurodiversity is celebrated and all children are empowered to achieve success and experience joyful learning by bringing research-based practices into education.

We strengthen
and develop

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Reading &

  • Writing

  • Social

  • Numeracy


  • Supporting Learning for Children & Parents

    Facilitated by highly trained professionals, we provide individualised classes that help children strengthen their overall language, literacy, numeracy and social skills

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  • Supporting Learning for Educators

    Empowering teachers by linking the mind, brain and education research with effective classroom strategies that will reach all learners and lead to long-term retention

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    Customised workshops for parents and educators to share research-based practices, insights and tools to strengthen skills

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"I heard about Samara through my wife’s colleague, who, it seemed, was thoroughly besotted by her capabilities as a Special Educator. We decided to go with her recommendation and we are glad that we did. My daughter generally takes time to warm up to people, and there is a big ‘if she does’ to it. But with Samara, it was an instant connect. Her progress with Samara has been phenomenal and so has been the case with their bonding. Vasudha’s face lights up whenever she hears Samara’s name and she eagerly awaits their meetings. I guess the feeling is mutual because Samara is equally involved with her protégé, enquiring about her all the time, sharing their achievements, wanting us to share special moments, and reacting with the same enthusiasm as any family member. Samara takes pains to understand individual requirements and structures each interaction accordingly. Her patience and assiduousness with children are amazing. Her approach is well rounded to provide effectual guidance on associated imperatives for parents / families. Samara provides a perfect blend of the assurance which comes with professional prowess and sensitivity which comes with personal touch."

Saurabh Gupta / Parent

"My daughter Ninya first met Samara when she was 10. In the four years she was with Samara. Ninya felt the most appreciated, loved and held. Samara isn’t only just an excellent teacher who teaches by keen observation and invention of specialised techniques but really invests herself deeply in the child. She understands them and nurtures them. Today Ninya is a much more confident young woman at 14. Ninya’s thought and speech has been given the right connection because of Samara’s hard wired relentless dedication, support and love. We are very fortunate to have found Samara at the time we did and we know without a doubt she will touch the lives of many and fulfil children with differences, to give them what it takes to feel safe and confident."

Vidushi Mehra / Parent

"Aarav and my journey with Samara started more that 7 years ago. It's been an upward curve for Aarav ever since, as Samara feels a genuine love and joy for children and what she does. She is a highly creative and intuitive educator, who adapts her lessons in ways that highlight the strengths of her students. She is not only Aarav's teacher but his best friend and we are so grateful to have her in our lives. I wish her the best for her new venture SparkEd."

Abha Mahajan / Parent

"Words are not enough to express my gratitude for Samara Gupta. My daughter, Tara has been learning from Samara for the past 3 years. Samara is not only an experienced educator; she is also a wonderful human being with a God gift to recognize and connect with children. She is an inspiration for my child. Samara makes learning a joy. She constantly appreciates and compliments Tara for every small achievement. This gives Tara a sense of accomplishment and confidence to think freely and ask questions. Samara has found brilliant methods to make her learn topics that were difficult for her at school. Having Samara as Taras mentor has eased in laying a strong foundation in her early learning years."

Mira Gulati / Parent