Free to Play Summit

Uniting Globally for Children’s Right to Play
July 12 - 16, 2021

The Free to Play Summit has gathered 25+ of the best and brightest experts in early childhood education from six continents. Each sharing their observations, insights, and ideas to create a better world for young children, their caretakers, and their teachers.

Our founder, Samara is honoured to join the other dynamic speakers at this years Summit. Last year’s Play First Summit left her feeling so inspired and deepened her commitment towards being a “Guardian of Play and Childhood”.

The Free to Play Summit is intended for parents and early childhood educators and is absolutely free. Join me at the Summit to harness to power of play and honour childhood.

Embracing Neurodiversity and Creating Environments That Support Learners and Teachers

26th June 2021

During this Tree Talk, Samara, founder of SparkED, and Indira, trainer and consultant at TREE, shared their thoughts on Neurodiversity, Differentiation, and Learning Support. They discussed the importance of celebrating neurodiversity; how to understand student's individual needs; and what schools can do to support teachers.

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