Too often it is our system that is failing the child rather than the other way around. Children may be struggling because of developmentally unrealistic demands, because they aren’t being understood or taught in the way that they learn best, or because of a one-size-fits-all approach. SparkEd’s ‘Supporting Learning for Children and Parents’ program, facilitated by highly trained professionals, provides individualised classes that help strengthen each child’s cognitive, social and emotional development.

With growing research in the field of neuroscience, there is a pressing need to bridge the gap between the science of learning and our current educational practices. The change needs to start with us, the educators. SparkEd’s ‘Supporting Learning for Educators’ program will empower teachers by linking the mind, brain and education research with effective classroom strategies that will reach all learners and make learning stick.

Supporting Learning for Children & Parents

SparkEd is committed to supporting school-age children by helping them develop skills to become successful life-long learners and nurture their self-esteem and confidence. We provide an environment where children develop a feeling of belonging, are respected, understood, and achieve success. Social and emotional well-being provide a strong foundation for emerging cognitive abilities. We see learning as a collaboration between the learning facilitator, the child, and the parents. Our lessons are dynamic, developmentally appropriate and planned keeping the child’s interests in mind making learning joyful and meaningful.

Quite often children can read a story and feel that they have learned a lot only to realise that they have forgotten it a few days later. A child may be able to "read" words on a page fluently but cannot retell the story. Another child may have really strong speaking skills but struggle with writing or they may have excellent comprehension but find spellings extremely challenging. At SparkEd, we provide one-on-one and small group support and enrichment classes to scaffold learning. Each hourly session, conducted at our centre or online, is tailored and targeted to meet the individual needs of children. We use a strength-based model and provide systematic, structured and direct instruction to optimise learning.

We partner with parents and offer guidance to help them understand their child's strengths and needs. We encourage parents to sit in on their child’s sessions to observe and understand our approach and to arm parents with a toolkit of strategies that they can use at home.

We strengthen and develop

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Reading &

  • Writing

  • Social

  • Numeracy


"Our daughter, Zara, has been working with Samara for the last few years. The best testament for a teacher is what the student says so I asked Zara for her input – “Samara makes learning fun!”, “She is able to explain mathematics concepts in a visual manner.” And frankly, this what we have found unique about Samara. Zara enjoys learning from her and looks forward to her sessions. Samara is able to tailor her instruction to fit Zara’s needs – focus on areas of weakness, develop personalized sessions and provide positive reinforcement to encourage further learning. I would highly recommend Samara."

Sabena and Neeraj Bharadwaj, Parent

"Samara's classes have been the best thing happened to our baby girl during these times! She has managed to teach Rania advanced fundamentals of the English language with ease! The fact that Rania brings back what she has learnt in her one hour lessons demonstrates how deep rooted her teaching skills are. We thank you as parents for this beautiful enriching learning curve for our daughter! We hope to continue these classes forever!"

Neoma and Rishabh Gupta, Parent

"Samara took a laborious and painstaking approach to understanding each child and their needs before starting to work with them. She constantly calibrated the program to ensure that the child was coping and that there were measurable and visible improvements. With my children, I have seen an innovative and profound approach to their goals and needs. This led to a permanent change and improvement in the kids ability to apply knowledge and skills they developed. It has been more than 5 years that the children stopped the program but till date apply learnings from their time with Samara. Both our kids have benefited from the dedication and extensively researched programs imparted to them. I would not only recommend Samara as a mentor, coach and most versatile educator but would consider any one who has the opportunity to work with her most fortunate."

Anna and Abhinav Anand, Parent

"My daughter Ninya first met Samara when she was 10. In the four years she was with Samara. Ninya felt the most appreciated, loved and held. Samara isn’t only just an excellent teacher who teaches by keen observation and invention of specialised techniques but really invests herself deeply in the child. She understands them and nurtures them. Today Ninya is a much more confident young woman at 14. Ninya’s thought and speech has been given the right connection because of Samara’s hard wired relentless dedication, support and love. We are very fortunate to have found Samara at the time we did and we know without a doubt she will touch the lives of many and fulfil children with differences, to give them what it takes to feel safe and confident."

Vidushi Mehra, Parent

"Aarav and my journey with Samara started more that 7 years ago. It's been an upward curve for Aarav ever since, as Samara feels a genuine love and joy for children and what she does. She is a highly creative and intuitive educator, who adapts her lessons in ways that highlight the strengths of her students. She is not only Aarav's teacher but his best friend and we are so grateful to have her in our lives. I wish her the best for her new venture SparkEd."

Abha Mahajan, Parent

"Words are not enough to express my gratitude for Samara Gupta. My daughter, Tara has been learning from Samara for the past 3 years. Samara is not only an experienced educator; she is also a wonderful human being with a God gift to recognize and connect with children. She is an inspiration for my child. Samara makes learning a joy. She constantly appreciates and compliments Tara for every small achievement. This gives Tara a sense of accomplishment and confidence to think freely and ask questions. Samara has found brilliant methods to make her learn topics that were difficult for her at school. Having Samara as Taras mentor has eased in laying a strong foundation in her early learning years."

Mira Gulati, Parent


Samara ma’am is an amazing teacher. Her classes have helped me with my reading skills. When I was six, I used to have trouble reading words like cat, bat, frog, glass. I could not read and would always stop in the middle of my reading and say I can’t do it. She inspired me to read more and now I’m a fluent reader. Samara ma’am teaches me in a fun way which helps my brain to be in a mood to learn. One of my favorites is to play cross and knots to learn complicated spellings. I love Samara ma’am and I know I can depend on her for any difficulty I have at school or even outside school.

Tara, Student, 8 year old

I miss Ms. Samara’s classes! I like them because she is kind, plays with me, and reads really good stories! Ms. Samara is always so happy to see me, and we have a lot of fun together. I get to make a big mess, my mama never lets me make a mess! I want lockdown to be over so I can see Ms. Samara and show her my car again. Thank you Ms. Samara for the fun classes! I can’t wait to see you again.

Zahaan, Student, 4 year old

For the past three years I have been working with Samara ma’am and it’s actually been very helpful for me because first I couldn’t even read a sentence and now I can read a full book. She makes it fun to do classes. It’s called reading class but we don’t only read in it. She mixes games and words… like cross and knots but with words. You have to say the word and if you make a mistake you don’t get that word.

Vishrut, Student, 8 year old­­

Supporting Learning for EDUCATORS

SparkEd’s goal is to help teachers think critically about teaching from a research-based perspective and transform learning in their classrooms. As educators we must be reflective practitioners so we can effectively support the student’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development to help them succeed.

SparkEd will conduct workshops designed for teachers, leaders, specialists, and learning coordinators to meet the demands of contemporary school teaching and leadership, by integrating the science of learning into education. The workshops will equip educators with a toolkit of strategies to meet learners’ varied readiness levels and help them plan instruction to optimize learning. They will also reaffirm the impactful strategies that teachers are already using in classrooms by helping them use these strategies purposefully, intentionally, and frequently.

The workshops, customizable to meet the needs of schools, can be delivered both online and onsite.


“I loved how Samara introduced ways to make reading fun and exciting for our young learners. The multisensory experience towards phonics is a unique approach that we are definitely going to be using in our classrooms.”

Nikita Kabra,
Program Lead

“Samara helped me to see language in a whole new light! She deconstructed and demystified the process of learning how to read, and showed us that it can be a joyful experience. She showed us how to make reading fun and accessible, by using games, movement, and music! I look forward to using these techniques in our classroom!”

Sanmoyee Basak

"Samara is a committed and passionate educator who has found her calling in helping all children succeed. She is determined to share best practices so the learning needs of children are better understood."

Sonya Philip
Founder Learning Matters India

"Samara was my mentor for 6 months at the start of my teaching career and then we worked together for 3 years. She has immense knowledge about neuro-diversity as well as curriculum areas such as literacy and numeracy. However, this doesn’t stop her from learning about new research in education as she has been updating her skill set through numerous courses. Understanding the needs of her students and the gaps in their learning is one of her biggest strengths. She uses her knowledge to plan sessions according to needs of her students. As a passionate educator she always makes her sessions engaging and meaningful for the children. Her impeccable work ethic is highlighted in everything she does - planning, preparing resources, implementing her lessons, reflecting and updating herself with new research. I haven’t come across an educator as flawless and ideal as her."

Charvi Bhagat
Primary School Teacher, Australia

"I am so glad that I was fortunate enough to be working with such industry expert and extraordinary person like her. Samara has been an exceptional mentor to me. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I've learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor she has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold me to her perspective. Few qualities that I have always personally adored about her is her way of communicating with children and being patient. Her willingness to always learn more has inspired me to do better. The unique quality that one cannot miss about Samara is her enthusiasm to share her expertise and her experiences. I have personally learnt and grown so much under her mentorship. Loved all her professional development sessions and workshops. Her respectful attitude and reflective listening and empathy is what just adds to her being the wonderful mentor/educator that she is."

Jennifer Nicodimas, Early Childhood Educator


SparkEd will conduct workshops designed for parents, teachers, leaders, specialists, and learning coordinators to meet the demands of contemporary school teaching and leadership, by integrating the science of learning into education. The workshops will equip educators with a toolkit of strategies to meet learners’ varied readiness levels and help them plan instruction to optimize learning. They will also reaffirm the impactful strategies that teachers are already using in classrooms by helping them use these strategies purposefully, intentionally, and frequently.

The intention of the workshops is to support participants understanding of how the brain learns, share actionable practical strategies that can be applied immediately and spark a desire for ongoing learning.

The workshops, customizable to meet the needs of parents & schools, can be delivered both online and onsite. Some topics for workshops are:

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning."

Fred ("Mister") Rogers